046B7AF193FFF0DF802D60C79E6872D1 Hewlett Packard Enterprises and Nvidia declare "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE"

Hewlett Packard Enterprises and Nvidia declare "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE"

Get Ready to Blast Off: HP and NVIDIA Announce a Generative AI Dream Team!

Calling all innovators, disruptors, and anyone who wants a glimpse into the future – buckle up! HP and NVIDIA just dropped a collaboration so hot, it's about to ignite a revolution in enterprise AI. Forget everything you thought you knew about complex, siloed AI tech. At HPE Discover 2024, these two tech titans unveiled "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE," a partnership that's about to send generative AI soaring into the stratosphere of business potential.

Imagine a world where AI isn't just a buzzword, but a superpower for your company. A world where you can unlock entirely new data – we're talking text, code, images, you name it – and unleash a torrent of innovation. That's the reality on the horizon thanks to this groundbreaking partnership between Nvidia and HPE.

The Power Couple of AI

Let's break down this dream team. HPE, a household name synonymous with rock-solid computing, brings their expertise in AI storage, compute, and the ever-popular GreenLake cloud platform. NVIDIA, the undisputed champion of all things AI hardware and software, throws their powerhouse of AI computing, networking, and cutting-edge software into the mix; this keeps Nvidia at the top of the market. The result? A symphony of innovation conducted by the finest maestros in the industry.

Supercharge Your AI with Cutting-Edge Hardware

But wait, there's more! HPE isn't just offering a best-in-class private cloud solution for AI. HP also leading the charge in supporting the latest and greatest hardware from NVIDIA. This means you can leverage the raw power of NVIDIA's newest generation of:

• GPUs (Graphics Processing Units): The workhorses of the AI world, these powerhouses are specifically designed to accelerate complex computations – perfect for churning through massive datasets and generating groundbreaking insights.

• CPUs (Central Processing Units): The brains behind the brawn, CPUs handle the critical tasks of managing data flow and ensuring smooth operation. With HPE's support for NVIDIA's latest CPUs, you get unparalleled processing power for your AI applications.

• Superchips: The future of AI hardware is here! HPE is at the forefront of adopting NVIDIA's next-generation Superchips, designed to deliver mind-blowing performance for the most demanding AI workloads.

HPE adds support for NVIDIA's most recent GPUs, computer processors and Superchips

HPE Cray XD670 upholds eight NVIDIA H200 NVL Tensor Center GPUs and is great for LLM manufacturers.

HPE ProLiant DL384 Gen12 server with NVIDIA GH200 NVL2 is great for LLM customers utilizing bigger models or RAG.

HPE ProLiant DL380a Gen12 server support for up to eight NVIDIA H200 NVL Tensor Center GPUs is great for LLM clients searching for adaptability to scale their GenAI workloads.

HPE will be an ideal opportunity to-market to help the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72/NVL2, as well as the new NVIDIA Blackwell, NVIDIA Rubin and NVIDIA Vera architectures.

High-Density File Storage: Fueling Your Generative AI Engine

No AI system is complete without the right storage solution. HP understands this, which is why HP offer high-density file storage solutions specifically certified for NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and NVIDIA OVX systems. These storage solutions are designed to:

• Handle Massive Datasets: Generative AI thrives on data. HP's high-density file storage provides the capacity and scalability to hold your ever-growing datasets, ensuring your AI applications have the fuel they need to produce groundbreaking results.

• Deliver Blazing-Fast Performance: Generative AI is all about speed. HP's storage solutions boast impressive read and write speeds, minimizing wait times and keeping your AI workflows running smoothly.

• Optimize for NVIDIA Systems: These storage solutions are not just high-density; they're specifically designed to work seamlessly with NVIDIA DGX BasePOD and NVIDIA OVX systems. This ensures optimal performance and compatibility for a truly integrated AI experience.


HPE Private Cloud man-made intelligence is supposed to be for the most part that anyone could hope to find in the fall.

HPE ProLiant DL380a Gen12 server with NVIDIA H200 NVL Tensor Center GPUs is supposed to be by and large accessible in the fall.

HPE ProLiant DL384 Gen12 server with double NVIDIA GH200 NVL2 is supposed to be by and large accessible in the fall.

HPE Loco XD670 server with NVIDIA H200 NVL is supposed to be by and large accessible in the mid year.

Introducing the HPE and NVIDIA Co-Developed Private Cloud AI Portfolio: Your Generative AI Playground

Now, let's dive into the crown jewel of "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE" – the co-developed Private Cloud AI portfolio. This isn't your average, run-of-the-mill cloud solution. We're talking about the deepest integration of NVIDIA's AI tech with HPE's GreenLake platform ever seen. It's like having a private, custom-built racetrack for your AI applications, with all the high-performance features and security you crave, but with the added benefit of a familiar cloud experience powered by HPE GreenLake.

HPE Private Cloud AI: The Star of the Show 

• Curated AI and Data Software Stack: HPE Private Cloud AI doesn't just provide the hardware; it comes pre-loaded with a carefully curated selection of AI and data software specifically chosen to optimize generative AI workflows. This eliminates the time-consuming task of sourcing and integrating disparate software tools, allowing you to focus on what matters – innovation.

• Fort Knox-Level Data Security: When you're dealing with sensitive data, security can't be an afterthought. HP's renowned security solutions are woven into the very fabric of HPE Private Cloud AI, ensuring your proprietary information stays safe and sound.

• Cloud Experience Enabled by HPE GreenLake: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of HPE Private Cloud AI is the cloud-like experience it delivers. Thanks to HPE GreenLake, you get the benefits of a private cloud – security, control, and customization – with the ease of use and scalability of a public cloud. No more wrestling with complex infrastructure management; HPE GreenLake takes care of that, freeing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

• OpsRamp AI Infrastructure Observability and Copilot Assistant: The HPE GreenLake experience doesn't stop at infrastructure management. HPE's recent acquisition of OpsRamp brings industry-leading AI infrastructure observability to the table. This means you get real-time insights into the health and performance of your entire AI environment, from the hardware to the software. And to truly supercharge your AI operations, OpsRamp's Copilot Assistant – a generative AI-powered tool – acts as your virtual sidekick. It can identify issues proactively, recommend solutions, and even automate routine tasks, freeing up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Accelerate Time to Value with AI — Expanded Collaboration with Global System Integrators

Beyond the impressive technology, HP and NVIDIA are amplifying the impact of "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE" through a global network of system integrators. These industry veterans bring unmatched expertise in consulting, implementation, and ongoing support. This collaboration ensures a smooth and efficient journey to AI adoption, helping you achieve real-world results faster.

The Generative AI Revolution is Here

The HP and NVIDIA partnership is a watershed moment for enterprise AI. With "NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE," you have everything you need to unlock the transformative power of generative AI. Get ready to generate groundbreaking ideas, revolutionize your products and services, and propel your business to new heights.

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